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Welcome to Olympic Speedsters

phoca_thumb_m_100_0295Hello, and welcome to SPEEDSTERS' new website.  Thank you for visiting us today!  We built this site for rod-builders, restoration enthusiasts, and all other car lovers like you to enjoy.  It is a labor of love to write new articles and load photos for your reading and viewing pleasure.

We are promoting our Riveting And Louvering service, as well as our custom fabrication, english wheel, and metal-finishing services. Click on SPECIALTIES to see what we can do for you.

We just brought in a trailer load of "A" parts from a friend who has moved to a care facility.  He has asked us to sell his parts for him.  We are in the process of labelling, inventorying and listing them.  We are 25 minutes East of Kansas City, so if you want a quantity of good mechanical parts before they get sold off, you are welcome to come browse through our loaded trailer and barns.  Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Click on BARN FRESH PARTS to see everything we have listed to date.

We have our barns full of "T", "A", and early V-8 parts, and we're constantly adding new parts for sale.  Take a look at our site every few days to see fresh parts.  As we become proficient, we will be able to post more parts faster.

Dave Atkins and I have been collecting vintage Ford parts for 1917 through 1953 models for quite a few years, intending to use them for the cars that we want to build.  We will have to live to the age of Methusela to use them all, but it is still hard to stop the habit of collecting.

We have two barns overflowing with vintage Ford parts, and some non-Ford cars and parts.  We will attempt to list a new batch of parts with photos and descriptions every few days.  So, check again every couple of days for more parts that we will make available to you.

This is our grading system, in descending order, for our parts; Notice that "Good" is just above the middle of the grading scale.

Excellent - Like new or like nearly new.  Would judge 96% - 100%.

Very Good - Like new or nearly new at a glance. A high grade for a driver. Would judge 89%-95%.

Good -  Presentable for a driver, but definitely showing minor wear, damage, or corrosion. Would judge 65% - 88%.

Fair - Possibly functional "as-is"., but has considerable wear, damage or corrosion. Would judge 35% - 64%.

Poor - Needs total, major restoration. Probably not functional as-is. Would judge 11% -34%

Junk - Recognizeable for what it once was, but too deteriorated to restore or return to function.  Would judge 1% - 10%.

NOS - New Old Stock.

N.O.R.S. -  New Old Replacement Stock.

I have been a professional restorer for 36 years, with many national first-place awards.  My grading system is accurate and reliable.  Use it objectively and honestly and you will be pleased.  I inspect these parts carefully before listing them, and will not negotiate based on condition.

Thank you.