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Welcome to Olympic Speedsters

phoca_thumb_m_100_0295Hello, and welcome to SPEEDSTERS.  Thank you for visiting us.  We built this site for rod-builders, restoration enthusiasts, and all other car lovers. Click on IN THE SHOP to see some of our current projects, or check out the GALLERY for more of our work.

On this site, you will find a small sampling of what goes on here as a result of sporadic photo documenting and lack of space, but it does represent the types of design, fabrication, repair, painting, etc that constitute the majority of operations. The aluminum speedster is the 30th speedster so far, some of which were bodies only, and some were delivered as "turn-key" ready-to-drive / complete streetable racers.

Our skills and specialities include:

  • Speedsters
  • Design and fabrication of complete bodies
  • Fabrication of body parts and custom parts
  • Fabrication of Stainless steel parts
  • Complete restorations
  • Repair and polishing of stainless, aluminum and brass
  • Metal-finishing in steel, aluminum and brass
  • English Wheel - compound curve metal-forming
  • Tig, Mig and gas welding
  • Louvering
  • Riveting
  • Lead work
  • Metal work assistance
  • Classes and tutoring


Occassionally I sell some surplus parts, but for the present time I am not listing any on this site. I do have some early & late Model "A" fenders and mechanical parts for local pick up.

I use this grading system when selling parts. Notice that "Good" is just above the middle of the grading scale.

Excellent - Like new or like nearly new.  Would judge 96% - 100%.

Very Good - Like new or nearly new at a glance. A high grade for a driver. Would judge 89%-95%.

Good -  Presentable for a driver, but definitely showing minor wear, damage, or corrosion. Would judge 65% - 88%.

Fair - Possibly functional "as-is"., but has considerable wear, damage or corrosion. Would judge 35% - 64%.

Poor - Needs total, major restoration. Probably not functional as-is. Would judge 11% -34%

Junk - Recognizeable for what it once was, but too deteriorated to restore or return to function.  Would judge 1% - 10%.

NOS - New Old Stock.

N.O.R.S. -  New Old Replacement Stock.

I have been a professional restorer since 1972, with many national first-place awards.  My grading system is accurate and reliable.  Use it objectively and honestly and you will be pleased.  I inspect these parts carefully before listing them, and will not negotiate based on condition.

Thank you.